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I enjoy writing code. I like to share what I write to those who can benefit from them.

Skyscanner Python SDK

Python SDK for Skyscanner’s API.

API Wrapper

Noticed a pattern and repeated pieces of code in Python API wrappers for simple requests and polling.

Amadeus Python Library

Python Package for Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox.

Docker Multi PHP Unit

Test your PHP code in multiple versions using Docker.

Cookiecutter templates

Reduce the overhead of having to write boilerplate code. Reuse source code templates whenever you can.

Python Package

Cookiecutter template for a Python package.

Flask API with Postgres

Flask API with Postgres Cookiecutter Template. Related blog post.

Flask API with DynamoDB

Flask API with DyanamoDB Cookiecutter Template.

NPM Package

Project template for building npm package libraries. Related blog post.

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