Personal Projects

I like to read and write Haikus. I am attracted to the simplicity in reading them and the constraint in writing them.

Tech stack: React, Node, Flask and Postgres.

More about this project in my medium blog post How I run my web app using Render .

Bike Sharing Analysis

This is a group effort to predict bike sharing demand using machine learning, please see the web app for credits.

Learning notes on GitHub

I keep notes of what I learn from work experience and academia.

Analysis Modeling

Analysis modeling in Software Engineering provides high level technical and business presentation of the Software Requirements.

Class Diagrams to Skeletal Classes

This can help you figure out how you structure your classes and find out the possible flaws in your design before you start writing the code.

Software Security Concepts

This will cover sofware security fundamentals with some of its most common use cases.

Cryptography Basics

The foundation of how our transactions over the internet are secured.